Twenty Two x Twenty Two

I made it to twenty two. Upon turning twenty two I promised myself three things. 1. Study for the GMAT 2. Practice my Italian 3. Start blogging again. I am almost two months in, and am finally beginning number three. 

Twenty two is a strange age. Maybe I feel like it is strange because I am still correcting myself when people ask how old I am. "Twenty one, sorry twenty two!" Twenty two was rather anti-climatic after the debacle that turning twenty one was a year ago. I don't get as nervous when buying alcohol because I feel like I surely must look like I am at least twenty one. Nonetheless, a bartender at a Cubs game questioned whether or not I was actually five foot four a few days ago. Really? I am five foot three and half, they round up in Wisconsin. Can I please have my beer?

Maybe twenty two has felt so strange because there is so much change and uncertainty at this age. I spent the last four months of being twenty one working on my dream job application, finishing college, and hoping to some heavenly being that I would get the job that I applied for. (It was the only job application I had submitted- I do not recommend this). I have had to stop myself from reading any article along the lines of "25 things to do before 25".  These articles generally piss me off. Not because I have not yet completed all the things that a specific blogger claims I must do in the next three years, but because I do not like having random people tell me what I should and should not be doing by the age of 25. I am my own person, even though some people call me crazy for wanting to move far far away. My priorities are obviously in a different order. I digress...  

On April Fool's day (five days before I turned twenty two) I checked my inbox, eyes still foggy and unfocused, and found myself staring at an email that told me I got the job. I legitimately thought it was an April Fool's joke. Somehow the stars had aligned. After reading the email about two hundred more times to make sure I wasn't dreaming, I shook my sister awake to tell her "I got the job, I am going back to Italy!" 

My best friend gave me this   mug for my  birthday and it really sums up my feelings about life lately. 

My best friend gave me this mug for my  birthday and it really sums up my feelings about life lately. 

Here I am, relearning basic math skills that I will need to take the GMAT in July (SOS), sto imparando italiano, and am trying to start up this blog again. I have another two and a half months of unemployment ahead of me before Roma, so check back for some (very belated) stories of my travels from the past three years. I think that writing about my travels now will not leave me depressed afterwards, but will make me even more excited to move back to the land of vino, gelato, and pasta. Better late than never, right? I have high hopes for my twenty second year on this planet and am ready to see where life takes me. 

Stay tuned ...where to next?

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